All BRONZE Construction. Close Coupled to a 3/4 Horsepower, 3450 RPM, 115/230 Volts, 1 Phase Motor. Ports are 1-1/4 Inches NPT Inlet, 1 Inches NPT Outlet. Impeller Diameter is 3.81 Inches.

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7GA5-1-AB Burks Pump

7GA5-1-AB Close Coupled Centrifugal Pump

GA5 General Information
  • Four Position Casing. Discharge can too be located in any of four positions. Casing is close grain iron of 30,000 psi thus minimum tensile strength. Back pull-out design therefore eliminates the need to disturb piping should the pump ever require service – the casing stays in the line.
  • Enclosed Bronze Impeller. Of the latest hydraulic design for maximum efficiency, impeller is balanced for vibration-free operation and threaded onto stainless steel motor shaft.
  • Enclosed Glass Filled NORYL Impeller. Of the latest hydraulic design for maximum efficiency, impeller has molded in brass insert threaded onto stainless steel motor shaft. Noryl® Impeller is not designed for use with hydrocarbons.
  • Mechanical Shaft Seal. Standard self-adjusting shaft seal for temperatures to 225 °F (107 °C) and pressures to 150 psi (1034 kpa). Ceramic seat and carbon seal face for long trouble-free service while owning these pumps. Special seals are available for higher temperatures and fluids other than water.
  • All Pumps Factory Tested. After careful assembly and inspection, EVERY pump is factory tested and hence will meet Hydraulic Institute standards.
Motor Information

Standard pump motors are of open drip proof (ODP) construction and while are rated with jet pump service factors for continuous duty operation. In addition, Motors are 56 frame size with NEMA standard mounting flange, one piece threaded stainless steel shaft and ball/ball bearing construction.

3500 RPM 60Hz.

  • Single Phase
    • 1/3 thru 2 HP – 115/230 Volt
    • 3 HP – 230 Volt Only
  • Three Phase
    • 1/3 thru 3 HP – 208-230/460 Volt
  • Capacities to 100 GPM (6.3 LPS)
  • Heads To 130 Feet (39.6 M)

2900 RPM 50Hz.

  • Single Phase
    • 110/220Volt
  • Three Phase
    • 380 Volt
  • Capacities to 83 GPM (5.2 LPS)
  • Heads To 89 Feet (27 M)

While Voltages may differ from some suppliers, please call us to confirm specifications.

Overload Protection

All single phase ODP and Totally Enclosed motors as a result have built-in overload protection. All three phase motors and all explosion proof motors must be installed with another magnetic starter which provides full 3-leg protection.  Failure to use correct starter and overloads will consequently void motor warranty.

Jacketed Seal Cavity

For temperatures to 500 °F Series GA5-1 & GA5-1-1/4 Pumps are available in a Jacketed Seal Cavity due to design for pumping hot oil, hot water and heat transfer fluids in common use in high temperature heating or cooling applications. This feature greatly extends seal life in high temperature applications. To order, add suffix “MJ” to pump catalog number for temperatures to 500 °F (260 °C) See Section in conclusion on High Temperature Pumps for more information.

7GA5-1-AB Burks Pump

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Weight 130 lbs

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