20522-5-SP CS5MV High Temp


Repair Kit for All CS5M-SP Hi-Temp CS5MV Model Pumps. Kit Includes: Special Impeller, Raceway, Shaft Seal, O-Ring Gasket, Suction Sleeve, Raceway Screws, Impeller Locknut, Shaft Key and instructions.

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20522-5-SP CS5MV High Temp Burks Pump Repair Kit

20522-5-SP  Repair Kit for All Burks CS5MV High Temp Pumps (Special Impeller)

Burks Repair Kit All 20522-5-SP CS5MV Hi Temp Series Pumps Include Special Impeller and Raceway, Shaft Seal, O-Ring Gasket, Suction Sleeve, Raceway Screws, Impeller Locknut. Shaft Key and instructions.



We are placing a wax over the adjusting screws on all turbine models (excluding the CR models). The wax on the CR model is placed in the socket head of the allen screw. This change has been placed to ensure that the adjustments are to factory settings when we ship them out. If these pump are returned for a warranty claim,  so Crane Pumps & Systems will be able to tell if the adjustment has been tampered with. If the unit has been tampered with, therefore the pump may not be covered under Crane Pumps & Systems warranty policy.

  • LIFE-LOK® External Impeller Adjustment is a patented feature found exclusively on BURKS Turbine Pumps. It allows for precise setting of pump performance during production testing.
  • Every BURKS Turbine Pump is factory tested for optimum performance, and the impeller position is locked in. Any further adjustment of a new pump is not required or recommended. LIFE-LOK® may be used for field readjustment to match systems pressure requirements if necessary.
  • LIFE-LOK® also provides a means of restoring pump performance without disturbing piping, disassembling pump, or costly parts replacement.

  1. Disconnect electrical power. Adjustment should never be attempted while pump is running. So serious damage could occur.
  2. Loosen slide lock and remove tab from hole in adjusting screw.
  3. Turn the Adjusting Screw with a Spanner Wrench. (Do Not Use A Screwdriver, Punch or Other Tool.) At the same time, rotate the shaft back and forth with a common nail or other object placed through the hole provided for that purpose on close-coupled pumps. The shaft on base mounted pumps may be rotated by turning at the coupling end. (An Adjustable Spanner Wrench – Part No. 7492 – is available from BURKS.)
  4. Rotate Adjusting Screw in a clockwise direction (Fig. 1). Customers feel a drag will be felt as the impeller comes into contact with the raceway. At this point, make a mark on the pump frame and adjusting screw, across one of the spanner wrench holes (Fig. 2).
  5. Rotate Adjusting Screw in the opposite direction (counter-clockwise) to back the impeller off and provide clearance between it and the raceway. The proper clearance may be obtained by moving the adjusting screw approximately one half the distance between two of the spanner wrench holes as indicated by the reference marks made in Step 4 (Fig. 3).
  6. Lock the Adjusting Screw in place. Insert the tab of the Slide Lock in the nearest spanner wrench hole and tighten the lock screw.
  7. Reconnect electrical power and start pump. If pump as a result, seems to labor unduly when coming up to pressure, and a slight additional adjustment to increase the clearance between the impeller and raceway will be necessary.
Most Noteworthy

Do not allow pump to operate most of all, with insufficient clearance between those two parts. Hence if adjustment does not restore desired performance, replacement of the impeller and raceway may be necessary.  A note in conclusion, these are matching parts and must be replaced as a set. Finally Repair kits are available for BURKS Turbine Pumps.

20522-5-SP CS5MV Hi Temp Burks Pump Repair Kit

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