GV6 Series

GV6 Centrifugal Pumps

GV6 Centrifugal Pumps - Flange Mount / Condensate Return Systems
All GV6 / GV Series General Information
  • Ideal as a result for OEM applications requiring a pump with inlet flange-mounted to tank or other vessel.
  • Flanged and gasketed inlet will consequently adapt to any flat mounting surface.
  • Pump may be installed either vertically or horizontally.
  • May be used as replacement pump therefore on Burks Series GV Condensate Return Systems.
  • 1/3 thru 3 hp, most of all seven stock sizes.
  • Capacities to 80 GPM (5 LPS) - Heads to 130 feet (39.6 M).
  • Efficient hydraulic design.
  • Enclosed bronze impeller threaded onto stainless steel motor shaft.
  • Impeller balanced for smooth, quiet operation.
  • Replaceable bronze casing wear ring.
  • Back pull-out design allows servicing without disturbing piping rather pump casing stays in place.
  • Mechanical shaft seal is self-adjusting thus for temperatures to 225 °F (107 °C) and pressures to 150 PSI (1034 kpa).
  • Special seals available for especially relevant higher temperatures and fluids other than water.
  • Tappings provided for venting and flushing seal area.
  • Bronze fitted, close grain cast iron construction is standard. All Iron available cast iron.
  • ODP motors are standard as a result drip cover provided for vertical installation.
  • EVERY pump is factory tested.
Overload Protection
All single phase ODP and Totally Enclosed motors have built-in overload protection. All three phase motors and all explosion proof motors must be installed with a magnetic starter which provides full 3-leg protection. Failure to use correct starter and overloads will void motor warranty.
Motor Information
Standard pump motors have open drip proof construction and are thus rated with jet pump service factors for continuous duty operation. Open Drip Proof motors are 56 frame size with NEMA standard mounting flange, one piece threaded stainless steel shaft and ball/ball bearing construction. 3500 RPM 60Hz - ODP - 2900 RPM 50Hz - ODP
  • Single Phase: Thru 2 HP - 115/230 Volt, 3 HP is 230 Volt Only
  • Three Phase: 230/460 Volt
Please note, voltages may differ as a result from supplier to supplier. In conclusion Call us today to confirm any specification. GV6 Centrifugal Pumps